Monday, September 2, 2013

Did Ford Remake The Model A or T?

Ford Motor Co. never reproduced its Model A or T however Ford did enter into a distribution agreement with a company named Shay Motor Corp. in 1979 as a sales point for several reproductions of older Ford models.

As it turns out, the cars Shay produced were expensive, poorly made and were nothing more than fiberglass molds built around Ford Pinto and Fairmont parts. The buying interest was weak once the novelty of going to the showroom and seeing such a spectacle wore off.

Though Harry Shay had a big dream of expanding his product line to several other classic Fords, his company went bankrupt only to bought for pennies on the dollar by another company that fared no better.

Amazingly, Shay cars are worth more today than they were in 1979/1980 - most likely due to low production numbers. They are a niche car, at best, but can still be found for sale on the internet with minimal effort.

Ford made the first Model A in 1903, then the Model T, 1908, and again the used the Model A model designation beginning in 1927.
Source: Wikianswers

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