Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Online Customizer Lets You Build Your Ultimate Dream Virtual Mustang

Have you ever dreamed about your ultimate Mustang? Custom paint, unique wheels. Hood scoop and more? Now it’s easier than ever for lovers of the original pony car to create the virtual Mustang of their dreams. With never-before-used digital technologies, Ford has created a customizer site within the car’s microsite, www.fordvehicles.com/the2010mustang.

The site is meant to reflect what the Ford Mustang is all about: classic design - a design to be redesigned by you - and attitude.

The Mustang customizer site is fun, and it’s also simple to use. Every aspect from choosing parts, changing colors, determining the intensity of your burnout cloud - all interactions are designed to be fluid and easy. There are 239 design elements in the customizer, and visitors can even choose the decals and the environments for their Mustang.

Accessories available include wheels, hoods, spoilers and grilles. Within minutes, vastly different looks can be created. You can build and save up to 10 as desktop wallpaper.

Although there are many customizer sites, the 2010 Ford Mustang customizer sets itself apart, largely because it’s not designed to be a linear build and price experience, like most sites. Ford focused on bringing some fun back into creating the ultimate Mustang.

You can also build your car in community. The community customizer is a multiuser mode that lets four people work on the same Mustang in real time. Chat features create an even more social experience, and the gallery allows submitted Mustangs to be voted on by other users, with the winners displayed each week.

The 2010 Mustang offers more performance and appearance options directly from Ford than ever before. With six accessories available right from the factory floor, 3,012 possible combinations available for order without accessories and 9,224 possible combinations with accessories (not including exterior and interior colors, and SVT),

For those serious about making their custom car a reality, a downloadable PDF offers a detailed list of all the parts used to create that particular Mustang. The PDF is separated into three categories - Ford, aftermarket and concept accessories - and includes links to the applicable sites. The list of parts makes it easy to start a conversation with your local Ford dealer.

When something like this hits in the Mustang community, word travels fast. Mustang enthusiasts have been buzzing with discussion in online forums, and customized Mustangs are even appearing in competitor vehicle forums.

One week after launch, almost 52,000 cars have been built with more than 16,000 of those saved into the site gallery. And more than 30 forums and blogs are sharing their own creations.

Give America’s favorite muscle car your unique spin. Customize your 2010 Ford Mustang by clicking here.

Source: The Ford Story

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