Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Story of Our 1954 Ford F-100 Project

June 4, 2001 was the first day that I saw the 1954 Ford F-100 Truck in the driveway of a man who had a vision of working with his son to recreate this vehicle into something special. He told me of finding the truck for sale in the parking lot of a Californial Forestry Department staging area. He was told that it had been used for many years in the Big Sur area as a general purpose work vehicle and that it was becoming too unreliable to use any longer. The man bought it and had it shipped to Las Vegas where it remained, unchanged until I saw it. I bought it for $2000 on the spot and had it moved from his driveway to mine.

Truck On June 4, 2001

I had no real mechanical experience, but felt that this was something I could learn. My son and I began making plans. We started attending car shows looking for ideas, found vendors and shops that would help us, purchased "how to videos and books", and had a good plan for transforming this old heap into something special.

What We Hoped It Would Be

This project started as a frame up restoration. You can see photos we took as we worked on it here. We spent weekends and evenings working on it and were making good progress until several years ago when other priorities took over. It is time to turn this one over to someone with more time and motivation than we have now.

What follows is a summary of work that has been done:

Entire truck was disassembled down to the frame.

All salvageable body parts were cleaned, some body work was done, and the parts were primed. (Truck bed was not salvageable)

Original engine, transmission, rear end, radiator and drive shaft were pulled and rebuilt

Many new parts have been purchased.

Most of the original parts were salvaged with many having been stripped and painted.

Disc brakes have been installed on the front.

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